I’m often asked how I find topics to write about or what inspires me to sit down and blog?

Well first off, I am naturally a very inquisitive person and when something catches my eye I have to dig deeper, but also I know who I am and have a strong set of values which are constantly on guard. If I see something that concerns or offends those values, then I have to speak out and what better way to do it than to blog to the universe, well those of you in mine anyway. 🙂

(You may notice I get on ‘MY SOAP BOX’ over many different issues.:)

Today I want to blog about Family Relationships!  

The reason being, many of you out there, have been coming to me of late with problems relating to struggles within your families and while I would urge you to get professional assistance, I realise many of you find it extremely difficult to ask for help.

Now its proJohn Cleese Families and how to survive them With Robin Skinnerbably no secret that I am a strong believer in doing what ever you need to in order to keep families united, but sometimes, that can be easier said than done. AND sometimes it’s not in the best interest of all.

So how do we know if it’s a problem we should work through or is it time to let go?

The myriad of different relationships within a family, means there is NO easy or one answer to this. Which is why we have so much difficulty. There are all sorts of emotions & habits involved that simply make it a complex and diverse situation and often entangled  throughout the extended family. 

When studying Psychology, I found this book by Dr Skynner and Comedian John Cheese (of Monty Python fame) to be particularly helpful, funny and insightful.


Its ease of read should help you as it delves into how couples work, how they adjust to marriage and children, how children can grow or how they can be destroyed emotionally. AND most importantly, how to develop healthy relationships and families.

So for those of you who are unable or uncomfortable getting professional help from a therapist or coach, I would suggest you get a copy of this book and start there.

  • Its EASY reading
  • its Funny
  • Its Family therapy for the layperson.

By learning why we behave as we do (during which you may have to go on a journey of self discovery), you will get to the route of your problems. You can then start to unravel the complex life that is the Family, and you will be more able to chart a course for success.

Much Love

Coach Lin xx

As always, let me know if I can help!

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