Hello & Welcome!  

When sitting down to create this site, I wanted it to be different. So this page is not going to consist of all the stuffy facts about me. I am not going to write it in the third person as if someone else is doing this. This is me and I hope to show you what I am all about AND why people come to me when they need help.

They do not come to me because I have ICF certification;  they do not come to me because I studied psychology or because of the qualifications I have gained…..

they come, because of WHO I Am?

I like adventure; I love my family; I drive way too fast.  I have a passionate affair with coffee and probably drink more wine than is good for me. I love to dance and I own way too many shoes (if there can ever be such a thing?).

I treat people with respect and always drop everything when a friend calls.

I love to laugh and am fun to be with.  I am never happier than when fooling around with my 5 grandsons, they are just so precious.

I love to learn and am passionate about educating girls and women to be all they can be, so I sponsor, mentor and support through various organisations aimed at doing this.

I am also honest and approachable; If you come to me with an issue, I will listen openly, without judgement and help you figure out what you need to do. I will however, not let you self sabotage and will tell you what you need to hear.

I am a touch’er and hug just about everyone I meet, which sometimes causes a few awkward moments 🙂

I married young and he is still my ‘main man’ (although my 5 grandsons are vying for this spot these days). My son’s are awesome and my extended family & friends are pretty wonderful.

I love sports and miss participating a lot (cancer fallout), so as compensation I purchased a Mini Cooper S convertible, in which I can be spotted on many a warm day, with a smile on my face and the wind in my hair.


But this “Wonderful life” I now have, did not drop into my lap, it did not simply happen. I came from humble beginnings as the eldest of 4, no silver spoon or educational support for me.

There have been a lot of trials and tribulations along the way but my husband & I ploughed on, strong and steadfast in our plans, overcoming each and every adverse situation. It is from these situations, that I have grown more wise and am now able to help others through their issues, so they too, can create the life they truly want.

I am passionate about life and about coaching. If you choose to work with me I promise nothing less than my best attention, it’s the only way I know how to do anything worth doing! I will be the cheerleader you need when unmotivated, a shoulder to lean on when overwhelmed and the mentor when you need guidance!

 This is WHO I AM & I look forward to meeting you!


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