I was asked today ‘what I was really passionate about’. Now this may seem an easy question to many but I am a passionate sort of person, who gets very articulated about many things.

  • I am very passionate about uncovering the truth about Cancer Research and all the cover ups.
  • I am very passionate about the rights of women, world wide.
  • I am very passionate about helping people solve their problems.
  • I am very passionate about green incentives and saving our planet.

I could go on!

So how to define or sum up what is my passion? I was pushed to think hard and try to find/define my real underlying passion.

The more I thought about this the more my mind wandered from one thing to another…..until……I finally saw a connection. A link binding all these things that ran through all the different causes I support and soap boxes I get on. The rights of WOMEN!

I realised that my drive to help each and every women underlined all my other desires and passions. Freeing women to be all they can be, to stand strong and proud and to say ‘Im doing it my way is a cause that will effect all the other things I am passionate about. By helping women to live their lives on their terms and with confidence, the rest will follow.

WE know from many studies that are emplified by the likes of programs such as The Plan Canada’s ‘Because I am girl’, that by empowering girls and women, they go on to change things in their communities, in a way men do not.

WE know that the way women think and organise is fundamentally different to men. Matriachal societys are fundementally more social, based around family values and more holistic in their structure. Women build kinder, more spiritual cultures based on inclusion, sharing and cooperation.

I do not believe women can ever really compete in a patriarchal society. Even the most ballsy of us, are forced to suppress our femaleness in order to be accepted and that is not equality. There is no balance in this.

Our society and indeed our very planet stands on the brink of collapse right now. Everything from our financial systems to how we care for each other is questionable under our current Patriarchal leaderships. We ALL know things have got to change and soon, if we are to survive as a species.

The Mayan long count calendar that ended in 2012 signified an end to a long Dark age of humanity. One in which our Patriarchal society has not done well by most of its people and by our planet. As this calendar ended we all heald our breath wondering what would happen. But I believe as do many cosmologists that we move into the next phase, where now begins a very slow climb back, towards a Golden Age.  Ancient History, past down to us by the Egyptians & Mayan’s, shows us that the Golden Ages of the past, have been under Matriarchal rule.

This does not mean exclusion of the masculine but a balance between the two, with the feminine leading the way.

I believe its time now for women to begin to reclaim what is rightfully theirs and its time for strong men to help them do so. We need to be ourselves in this world, to be strong in a feminine way, not suppressing it. We need to be rearing our children both male and female with respect for both sides of their person and for our wonderful planet. We need to bring back a society of caring and sharing, where children are taught to learn, not to memorise; where they are taught to care, not to hate; where they are taught to embrace their spirituality, not man made religion; where art is as important as maths and where our planet earth is foremost in our consideration.

So what am I passionate about?

Empowering Women to be strong, proud & ready to lead the way!

Coach Lin xx

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