Thinking of starting a small business?

Well good for you, it’s a wonderful thing to own and operate your own business.

You will be able to choose your own hours, Take holidays when YOU WANT and Not have to answer to anyone else

What could be better, right??………………..Wrong!

Most entrepreneurs work LONG hours, Cant take holiday’s because there is no one to cover them and they get overwhelmed with all the decisions they have to make.  It’s a lonely world out there and most start up’s FAIL.

Its Tough Out There!

So I have put together a few things that I feel will help you to make the right decisions and better your chance of making a go of it.  How do I know? Well my coaching practice is NOT the first business I have run.  Over the years I have mostly worked for myself and started a handful of business’s.  Some made great money and some just ticked along okay but  I am sharing what I learnt with you.


The first offer I have for you is  FREE & Called:-


“A 10 Point Check List for Budding Entrepreneurs”

It is designed to find out if you have what it takes?
You need to find out BEFORE you start if YOU and your idea are sound?
AND you need to be prepared to do the ground work to find out.
Each step in this guide comes complete with the Tasks necessary to get you started the right way.

I hope you enjoy and wish you luck.

Coach Lin

FREE to download NOW!

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Others also downloaded :-

This Goal Setting Workshop is designed for the Small business and will help you get clear on exactly what you want for your business & your life.   You will learn to create goals and objectives for your Business & Life that will make sure there is a balance.  You will learn to set achievable timelines that make you feel good each time you check one off.  You will learn good habits that will keep you on track towards your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur and still have time for FUN in your life.


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