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email coaching……….really?

When I first decided to try coaching via email or indeed Instant Messaging, I was not sure how it would work out.  But I wanted to reach a global audience and this seemed like the best way to do so.  To cut a long story short, it has been an amazing success!  ManKite

Not only has it allowed me to truly offer a Global Coaching Service but it has allowed people who would not normally have access to help and advice, to get it! Right from their smartphone.

For example a man wrote to me saying his family was on the verge of breaking up and he did not know what to do? He has tried everything he could think of, with no luck . He gave me details of his situation and I soon saw where the problem may lay.  It took just one email from me, with a suggestion I thought he had overlooked, to get them back on track. He wrote saying “I know she is frustrated that I didn’t understand before but it’s already starting to go uphill again 🙂 thank you so much for all your help“. 



Or a young mother who came to me at a time when she wanted tostart a business and she was having issues with family over her plan and was very disillusioned. Again I was able to make a few suggestions that prompted her to write back saying Well, I’m happy to say that you were right about my Mom and Dad, bang on! With this issue out of the way, she was able to make a plan and get on with what she really wanted to do.  This took just 3 emails to achieve.

I am not saying that I have all the answers…………but I do have one thing these people didn’t, an outside perspective.

 With today’s more Global world and the break-up of the extended family, we are all finding ourselves adrift somewhat. Where once we could run to grandmother for help and advice, we no longer can. So where do we find that person who will not only listen to us but also help us solve our problems.? Where can we find another being who wants to and can actually help, without breaking the bank?

Well my name is Lin, I am a Wife, Mother, Nana & Life Coach & I am here ready to help you turn that frown into a SMILE!

Just fill out the form………’ll be surprised just how easy this will be.!

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HH-LC Awarded All Star Award from Constant Contact.

ALL STAR WINNERFrom a customer list of half a million, each year Constant Contact award 10% of their customers for excellence in communication and customer engagement.

I am very happy to announce that Helping Hand – Life Coaching has received such an award this week.

I do however know that it is YOU, my loyal readers /fans /followers who really deserve this award for being great at commenting, liking and forwarding my newsletter and blogs.

So a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to you all.

In appreciation I will be announcing a small reward to be given to the 10th (tenth) person to send me an email (lin@helpinghand-lifecoaching) saying “count me in”.

Good Luck all and once again a very heartfelt and grateful Thank YOU!

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