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Accepting Change! WT* do I know?

Life coaches talk alot about change and how we should not fear but embrace change, how even bad changes, can ultimately be a good thing.
But who the heck are we, to lecture you on how you should feel or think about stuff that is happening in YOUR world?   How do we know its going to be okay, or what the best thing for you is in the long run ?

How is it we can say “change is good”?

Truth is, we dont know, not really. We don’t have guarentees that things will right themselves, or that your current negative situation is going to turn out ok.

WHAT WE DO HAVE, is some insight and hopefully
some personal experience that helps us, to move you through your challenge and enable you to feel good about it. Continue reading “Accepting Change! WT* do I know?”

Gosh, Thank You All So Much!

I just want to share a statistic that brought a smile to my face as it surpassed a goal I had set myself for last year.

A total of 18,000 people read my blog during 2014!


another 4000 checked out my blog too.

I am exceedingly chuffed and would very much like to THANK YOU all for dropping by. I look forward to 2015 with a big smile on my face. 🙂

much love, coach Lin

email coaching……….really?

When I first decided to try coaching via email or indeed Instant Messaging, I was not sure how it would work out.  But I wanted to reach a global audience and this seemed like the best way to do so.  To cut a long story short, it has been an amazing success!  ManKite

Not only has it allowed me to truly offer a Global Coaching Service but it has allowed people who would not normally have access to help and advice, to get it! Right from their smartphone.

For example a man wrote to me saying his family was on the verge of breaking up and he did not know what to do? He has tried everything he could think of, with no luck . He gave me details of his situation and I soon saw where the problem may lay.  It took just one email from me, with a suggestion I thought he had overlooked, to get them back on track. He wrote saying “I know she is frustrated that I didn’t understand before but it’s already starting to go uphill again 🙂 thank you so much for all your help“. 



Or a young mother who came to me at a time when she wanted tostart a business and she was having issues with family over her plan and was very disillusioned. Again I was able to make a few suggestions that prompted her to write back saying Well, I’m happy to say that you were right about my Mom and Dad, bang on! With this issue out of the way, she was able to make a plan and get on with what she really wanted to do.  This took just 3 emails to achieve.

I am not saying that I have all the answers…………but I do have one thing these people didn’t, an outside perspective.

 With today’s more Global world and the break-up of the extended family, we are all finding ourselves adrift somewhat. Where once we could run to grandmother for help and advice, we no longer can. So where do we find that person who will not only listen to us but also help us solve our problems.? Where can we find another being who wants to and can actually help, without breaking the bank?

Well my name is Lin, I am a Wife, Mother, Nana & Life Coach & I am here ready to help you turn that frown into a SMILE!

Just fill out the form………’ll be surprised just how easy this will be.!

The Law Of Attraction – Is It Working For You?

When used correctly The LAW OF ATTRACTION is a very powerful tool.

The trouble is, most people don’t know how to use it properly and so they do not get the results they are after.

Simply saying you’re a positive person or even thinking positive thoughts, does NOT GET YOU WHAT YOU WANT! It’s NOT like magic, there is NO genie in a bottle, NO magic wand to wave…. The Law of Attraction  is an applied process, that must be learnt and fully understood…  Then and only then, will it open your world to a whole new realm of possibilities.

I have been using this Law of Attraction for many years, with some quite remarkable results…. In fact just this weekend, amazing things happened in my family, a couple of days after I asked for them.  It truly is mind-blowing sometimes, just how quickly things come to be. From two very stressful and difficult situations Saturday night, to solutions by Monday evening & in BOTH cases………… exactly… as I had detailed the request Saturday night.

Continue reading “The Law Of Attraction – Is It Working For You?”

Warning To Life Coaches

Warning for Life Coaches

So you like helping people, its what you do. Everyone who knows you comes to your with their problems. So how do you turn this gift into a way of living that can support you?

You become a Life Coach.

You find a good certified program and enroll on this journey with excitement and lots of positive hope. Six months to a year later you have been trained to listen, found your niche and given some basic hints and tips on running your business. You are now out there in the world as a Certified Life Coach…….exciting isn’t it.

The first thing you may notice is that you soon become bombarded with emails coaxing you into another program, usually from the school you trained with or Coaches that are associated with the school. They tell you that you need a ‘more in depth training‘ or one to help you ‘define your niche‘ better and, as you probably don’t have many (or indeed any) clients yet, you enroll. OH and most importantly, they tell you that you need to hire a coach/mentor of your own?

The trap is set and you walked right into it.

Well I’ve been there and the truth is, that it is near impossible to make a living as a Life Coach, unless you are a Natural Sales person, an SEO expert, have Marketing Knowledge and have lots of financial backing!

AND you are selling to other coaches.

Yes there are some very successful, charismatic Coaches out there but they are few and far between and often it is not their skill as a life coach that gets them there but the marketing machine they have employed. AND most of them are selling programs to other coaches…downline.

SOUND familiar?

The Life Coach Business for me is becoming a disguised pyramid scheme of sorts and that is one of the reason I left the ICF. I stopped buying programs from other coaches and distance myself from the madness.

I GOT into this business to HELP PEOPLE in need, not to make money from other struggling coaches.

So I went about it my way. Building Social Networks, Volunteering with Women’s groups, writing and blogging and creating an honest & trusted familiar face out there in the world.

3 years later, am I making money? Not a lot but it has started to roll in. People are coming to me now, I don’t have to go find them. I don’t have to go sell myself over and over again trying to convince someone they should pay me to help them………..I simply stay true to who I am and they come to me!.

So you may ask, why am I writing this blog?

Well I want to warn those of you who are just starting out, that this is a tough business……..! Be prepared to not only have to work very hard at it, with the majority of your efforts going into Marketing and Sales (not coaching). But also to warn you, not to fall for the ‘coaches trap‘ of selling to or buying from, other coaches….. because I am sure that like me, that is NOT what you started out to do. Buying training program after training program is NOT going to get you the clients you want to help……believe me.

All it will get you, is broke!

Wishing you much love and luck in this venture, it can truly be a worthwhile life IF you are doing what you set out to……….HELP PEOPLE IN NEED!

Coach Lin xx

What is a Life Coach?

What is a life coach?

Well I can tell you what a life coach isn’t   We are not therapists. We are not psychologist. We do not diagnose conditions, attempt to ‘fix you’ or doll our medication.

We are Also NOT paid friends!

SO you may ask, what exactly do we do?

Well this is a good question and with so many different life coaches out there all offering different niche services, it can be very hard to tell.  But this is how I see it!

A Life Coach is a trained listener.

That means we listen to not just your words but the way they are being said and the context in which they are said.  We even listen for the things you are NOT saying, the little clues you are giving up that help us to guide you.

We work WITH YOU not for you. 

Our goal is to form a partnership with you that has one purpose and that is to get you to where you want to go, to move you forward; not to delve back in search of reasons, excuses or blame but to look ahead and help you find a way to get there.  We do not tell you what to do but help you find your own answers by using our experience and training to ask the right questions.

A good Life Coach will help you by being honest with you and always let you know when you are slacking off or being unreasonable; our job is not to molly coddle you but to enable you to achieve what it is you set out to accomplish, whatever that may be.

Coaches work in many different areas claiming expertise in their Niche and they usually stick to working with clients within that particular area.  I however do not believe any Life Coach has only one particular Niche, as that is like saying we each have only ‘one string to our bow’ and I do not believe any human is that limited.  I personally work with anyone who comes to me ‘IF’ I feel I can help them.  Although as a Cancer Survivor I do find a lot of cancer patients cross my path and I do donate much time in this area.

I am by nature a problem solver! 

I have always been a problem solver and as a certified life coach, I continue to be a problem solver, only now I get to guide even more people to their own answers.  Some coaches work with their clients for years but I don’t feel that is what the profession should be.  I feel we should come and go in your life as and when needed, not as a permanent fixture.

Life today is very stressful and with so many people isolated from their families by distance, problems and life situations can become overwhelming very quickly.  Knowing that there is a trained professional you can turn to occasionally, is a good thing and what I believe a Life Coach should be.

Many Life coaches belong to various organisations like the International Coaches Federation which sets training & ethical standards and attempts to lend credence to the profession.   Indeed, I was once a member, however I choose to leave and now work independently of any organisation. 🙂

As a trained & certified professional, I believe my work, should speak for itself!

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