As I sit here on my balcony in sunny Mexico it is easy to see the world in all its glory. To look out at the ocean and admire the colours, the sounds, the smells. To see the deepness of the blue sky and feel wonder at the depth of colour. It is easy to feel good in such a place.

But it was not always so.

I too have seen the dark and cold side of life.

The side of life that can make us feel hopeless, that can drag us under, that can defeat us.

In both cases it is the perception of each that makes the difference.

If I simply look at the sky and do not appreciate its wonder……it is not wonderful!

If I stare into the hopelessness and do not let it engulf me……… is not hopeless!

Everything we feel and think shapes how our lives progress. We have to find a way within ourselves to look with kind eyes, to feel with a light touch and to think without fear.

Then it matters not where you sit because feeling good, is your natural state.