FYI for all readers.

I have at last got around to adding a Client Testimonial Page to my site.

I know for many of you, making that decision to contact a coach is a bit like picking a gynecologists, how do you know if they are any good? It’s a big decision!

So as to make things easier for you I have now added some client testimonials to my site, so you can see what my past Clients actually think about me and the time they have spent with me. I have also rewritten the About me Page so as to better show you who I am and what I am about.

I have done this because I know you are nervous about hiring a coach, I know that you need to feel you can trust this person totally and that you will not be wasting money, plus I know you don’t really want to ask friends.

So please do check out what my clients say and I think you will agree, my clients seem to think coaching sessions with me, were a very worthwhile investment in themselves.

I hope you will agree and look forward to hearing from you.

Coach Lin

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