Radiation & Smart Phones – There’s an App for that

Many of you will know that I am against the use of radiation based scans and personally refuse to have mammogram’s even though I have had breast cancer in the past. I truly believe all radiation based scans should be used only as a last resort and not for regular screening.

You may also know, that I have no faith in the medical profession when they tell us that there are “safe levels of radiation”. My hours of ploughing through medical journals like the Lancet has led me to believe that there is simply NO SAFE LEVEL of radiation.

Well imagine my surprised, when I found out recently that.


Seriously, there are smart phone app’s that help you to find out how much you have been exposed to or what the current levels are in your area or around the globe.

But the one that really tweaked my interest is from TawKon and actually measures the amount of radiation you are exposed to when using your smart phone and its free to download.

It seems that the news about “The Death Grip” which has been circulating for a little while now around the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry is not just about a bad signal. Turns out that by holding your phone incorrectly you not only dampen the signal strength but you also make your phone work harder, which exposes you to more radiation.

So now its not just about holding the phone to our ear and Brain Cancer we have to worry about, we now also increase our radiation exposure and overall cancer risk by simply holding the phones wrong, even when texting or emailing. 😦

FYI : I have added this YouTube link http://www.youtube.com/user/LifecoachLinE#grid/user/1026CB30AD2D45B4

Please do check it out as it also demonstrates how best to hold your phone for both reception and reduced radiation exposure.

If you want to limit your exposure I suggest you go download the app NOW!