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Celebrating a 15 year Battle

Today is a very special day for me, it has been 15 years since I awoke in hospital to hear the words “Im sorry Mrs Elliott but the lump was malignant, you have cancer”!
As I sit here on my Balcony in Mexico I am allowing myself what is now a rare reflection back over the journey from Feb 8th 2001 until now.

Those who know me well, know it has been a hard fought 15 years, taking my husband and I places we had not wanted to go. From healthy, fit and active to crippling pain and disablement. I say it took us both because Mark was always there with me, never complaining, always supporting and as I was forced to give up activity after activity, so did he.

Enduring the horrific treatments however awful, was not the worst part of this journey, it was the devastation caused by them that left me in agony, no longer able to live life as I wanted. Continue reading “Celebrating a 15 year Battle”

Okay so its back on my pet peeve….. RADIATION!

Recently an email was passed to me about X-rays at the Dentist office and how more often than not, they do not even use the protection provided properly.

It seems there is an additional piece of protection not attached to the main garment, that is supposed to cover the thyroid gland / neck.  And that it is rarely used in fact it often remains in… the cupboard/drawer unless requested ……….

HOW is this even possible?

The piece in question is protection for the thyroid glade (located in the neck) which is of upmost importance in regulating just about EVERYTHING in your body. So how is it that it is not used? YOU should NOT have to request this, it should be done without reservation, always!

And, is this radiation exposure contributing to the increase in cancer of the thyroid?

We know for a fact that even 1 rad of radiation can cause cancer and yet it seems even our Dentists are cavalier with this dangerous process.  AND  remember, they even X-ray your CHILDREN !

Young people whose glands have not yet even matured.

X-rays are NOT SAFE! They should never be used unless absolutely necessary, especially on your children.

I personally no longer have any X-rays taken EVER at my Dentist office and do not plan on changing that.  What is the price of a tooth compared to thyroid damage and cancer?

Think hard on this the next time you visit your dentist for a friendly check up.

Coach Lin

I also plan on investigating this further as I find even the possibility of this being true an  outrage. So if you can help me out and vote that would be wonderful…..Thanks

There’s an App for that

Radiation & Smart Phones – There’s an App for that

Many of you will know that I am against the use of radiation based scans and personally refuse to have mammogram’s even though I have had breast cancer in the past. I truly believe all radiation based scans should be used only as a last resort and not for regular screening.

You may also know, that I have no faith in the medical profession when they tell us that there are “safe levels of radiation”. My hours of ploughing through medical journals like the Lancet has led me to believe that there is simply NO SAFE LEVEL of radiation.

Well imagine my surprised, when I found out recently that Continue reading “There’s an App for that”

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