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Is Your Life Flashing By? An Experiment In Slowing Time Down.

Do you ever get so busy, or excited by the things you’re going to do, that your week just flashes by?Sands of Time

You get up Monday morning and before you know it, Sunday evening has rolled around again and you’re left thinking………….”Where did it go?”

We race from our jobs to our homes, to the stores, to our children’s activities, fitting in some social along the way. Life is hectic for most and 24 hours no longer feels like a whole day

How can we slow this down?

Time is a funny thing; when we are having fun or enthusiastically wrapped up in our lives, it races ahead leaving us reeling to catch up with it. In fact I often feel that my life is passing by like the proverbial Hare on steroids……with a couple of exceptions:

  • When I am in pain
  • When waiting for results of tests

Both of these events seem to slow my life down to an almost unbearable tortoise pace.

Clearly you don’t have to be a genius to realise that its things we DON’T want or DON’T like, that cause time to drag……………but why?

Now I know it’s about perception but if that is the case, why does our subconscious slow it down when we don’t want it to be slow and speed it up when we want the opposite?  Makes no sense right?

We have all heard we are supposed to ‘Live in the NOW’. To be completely present in the moment but the only time that seems to happen for me, is in the above situations or with considerable effort. This started me thinking about how I could use this perceived ‘slowing down of time’, in a positive way? How can I take the fun and excitement and slow down these moments too?

Is it even possible?

If you have been following my blog for any time you will probably know I believe in and use a gratitude journal to help me focus on and achieve the things I want.  It is a powerful, tool which allows me to bring my dreams into reality (if you missed my latest blog on this click here).  So I want to experiment and see if by using this positive NOW method, I can also slow down the pace of the fun stuff too. To become focused in the moment and excited all at the same time.

To perceive time expanded, instead of diminishing.

For the next month I am going to add the following to my gratitude now journal:-

“It’s really wonderful how much time I seem to have, I am able to get everything done that I want to and still have time to spare”.

I invite you to join me!

Lets see if we can change our perceptions of time and with luck enjoy it more!

I hope you take up the challenge and please feel free to add your findings on this blog or email me:-

Coach Lin

Life Coaching – Taking My Own Advice!

So I need to apologise to all my readers for my absence the past few months.

Things in my life were becoming very hectic.  I have several serious health issues to deal with, My youngest son was getting ready to move with his family to the other side of the continent and my work load was becoming stressful. ……………SO I took some time off.

I stepped back from it all and took some time out to reevaluate how to move forward in a more balanced way.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I want to show you that even though I am a life coach and ‘know better’, it is all to easy for life to spiral out of control.

The last time that happened to me, I ended up with Breast Cancer. so now I try to be more aware  However, 12 years later, I was once again letting things drift into chaos and I was back on the cancer merry-go-round of poking, prodding and specialist appointments.

So after a few days rest and more rounds of medical tests,  I finally sat down and asked myself “what would I say to a client in this situation?

My answer came quickly “something needs to change, if you want changes in your life”.

One of my particular ‘hangups’ has been focused around my part-time tech job.  Even though my Coaching Practice is running well, I was finding it hard to quit this part-time corporate job: so I decided I needed to start with this and ask myself WHY ?  After much soul-searching I came to realise that I was afraid.  I have been dealing with Cancer and its fallout for 12 years, I realised I was afraid that if I quit, no one else would ever hire me.

It was only when I asked myself why that frightened me and what I actually liked about this job, that I realised the absurdity of these feelings.  I had not been happy in that work in a long time, in fact I resented the hours I was working in the role.  Plus, I did not want or have any intention of ever working in a corporate job again.  It was so far from what I wanted, that the fear of not having it, was ludicrous.


Boy did I ever feel better the next day!  A huge burden was lifted and I felt free to move on in my life with enthusiasm and purpose, doing what I love, which is coaching others.

I am still having tests and still have many medical issues ahead of me but I feel so much lighter to have relieved myself of this burden.  The fear I thought I would feel is not there, not in the slightest.  I now feel I can take on what ever obstacles come my way in terms of heath issues, with renewed vigor and I know success.

I am also so very happy to be back doing what I love to do…………… and coach others to find the same great feeling when you know, you are in tune with your life’s purpose.

See you on the bright side 🙂

Coach Lin


We all face challenges in this life,

some more serious than others but challenges none the less. How those challenges affect our lives is very dependent on how you handle them. Some people seem to breeze through problems, however large, while others fall apart over seemingly small issues.

Which are you?

Do you bury your head in the sand and hope problems go away? Or perhaps you race around telling everyone your plight dramatizing them in the hope someone will fix them for you? OR do you rise to the challenge, accepting it and look for ways to either fix it or live with it?

Often the route we take is not conscious, it’s a life habit. A way of behaving and interacting in the world that evolved in childhood and feels as much a part of you, as is your big toe.

Or is it?

If you feel that your life is full of problem after overwhelming problem, it may be that your default way of coping, the one you developed as a child, is simply not working for you anymore. Your challenges may have simply outgrown this particular way of coping.

Sometimes we cannot even see what our default reaction is, until it’s pointed out to us and even then we may resist any change.

But changing the way you react to a challenge, is the only way to get a different result.

The only way to learn, to grow and to develop new more effective ways of coping; ways that are more suited to the adult challenges we face, is to change what is no longer working for us.

It’s time to update your Operating System!

Hi my name is coach Lin and I specialise in helping people deal with Challenges in their lives. If it is time to upgrade that system, to learn how to cope with challenges in fact how to thrive on them? Then its time to contact me…………

Together we can move you forward, towards a happier, healthier less stressed life.  I look forward to meeting you.


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