As I write this, I have just finished a conversation with a women who is currently involved in a long distance relationship. She was feeling hurt and let down because of a recent phone call she had with her partner.  It seems she felt he had not been sympathetic enough towards her and in fact had been joking around, this made her feel unloved.  She wanted to ask me if I thought his was ‘normal’ behaviour?

I asked her this one question.

“Did you tell him you were feeling low?”

And after a slight pause, she admitted (with some realisation) that in fact, she had not!

She had assumed he would notice…..women with flipphone

She was completely forgetting she was on the phone and unless she was actually sobbing, the only HINT he may have, is in what she actually says.

Unless its a long term relationship or he’s a trained listener or psychic, there is little chance he would pick up on her mood.

Suddenly, this one question had changed the entire outcome of her conversation with her partner as she realised, he did not know how she was feeling. Perhaps he did love her after all 🙂

This is the Power of Coaching!

This is not an isolated incident, we all do this, especially women.  We assume Continue reading “The Power of Relationship Coaching – In One Simple Question.”