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Motivation – What Yours?

I’ve been pondering the meaning of the word MOTIVATION.

What motivates an F1 driver to risk their life to drive a car fast, or an athlete to push that bit harder in training? What gets a working mum/mom through her more than hectic day or gets a disabled person out of bed in the morning?  We might say that they are all Motivated but is this the same thing for each of them?

Certainly we can group motivators into categories, for example the F1 driver and the Athlete may both be driven by their competitive need to be the best, but the athlete may also want to be the fittest and the driver the fastest. The mother may be motivated by income / career or the desire to be the best mother in the world & the disabled person by the need to prove everyone wrong.

This one word seems to cover a whole world of thoughts and feelings, all of them different in each of us.

Clearly, we all have intricate and different needs or desires we need to acknowledge, in order to be able to switch our motivation ON.  Finding them, is not always easy because we also like to feel good about our motivators and the truth is, they are not always things we will admit to.

Sometimes our motivation is in conflict with our morals. 

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Bitcoin Now Accepted by Help On The Go App.


WeLv_BC_Badge_128pxBitcoin, Another First From Our Award Winning Help On The Go App


With HELP ON THE GO we brought you the 1ST truly mobile coaching App and now we are doing it again!  That’s right, we are taking the next step in bringing you a truly versatile and easy to use service by now accepting Bitcoin for any of the three amazing coaching deals available in our APP HELP ON THE GO.

So from now, should you need to extend your coaching beyond the free service, not only do you get an incredible deal, which is a fraction of the normal co400px-Bitcoin_accepted_here_sign2st of working with Coach Lin but you get to pay using Bitcoin.

  1. No more exchange rate issues.
  2. Instant digital payment from your phone.
  3. NO MORE BANKS involved.

Bitcoin is a true digital currency of the people. Its a peer to peer system of exchange that is not controlled by governments or banks and we are very excited to be able to offer you this option. If you already use Bitcoin simply click on the Executive Deals Tab in the App, select your option and you will be directed to Our Store where you can choose the yellow Bitcoin button for payment… EASY! If you do not yet use Bitcoin then see the link below for further information.

Our Global service has now truly gone global with




We will be widening our acceptance of Bitcoin to all products and services soon but we wanted to give our App Users the option to be the first to make use of this exciting new currency.



If you are unfamiliar with Bitcoin click here for more information.

If you don’t yet have our APP HELP ON THE GO click here to download.


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Mobile App – Help On The Go – Gets AWARD!

I want to share some exciting news with you my followers:-

Help On The Go

my mobile coaching App, has been given an award


Mobile Innovation!

If you have not yet seen it please go check it out. You can download it right here

Mobile Innovation Award



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