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Doing a Shirley Valentine!

You may be familiar with the Movie Shirley Valentine about a bored house wife in the UK who spends her days talking to her kitchen wall because …………..well…….because its there really. Fed up with her lot, Shirley decides one day to take off to Greece on her own, for a break. If you’ve seen the movie you will know that Shirley gets more than a break from her UK life and marriage…….she finds herself…..and this changes everything!

So is this a solution for us all?

Run off and find a beach to sit on, while we contemplate our life and future. Maybe, for some it is exactly what is needed. Continue reading “Doing a Shirley Valentine!”

Passionate About What?

I was asked today ‘what I was really passionate about’. Now this may seem an easy question to many but I am a passionate sort of person, who gets very articulated about many things.

  • I am very passionate about uncovering the truth about Cancer Research and all the cover ups.
  • I am very passionate about the rights of women, world wide.
  • I am very passionate about helping people solve their problems.
  • I am very passionate about green incentives and saving our planet.

I could go on!

So how to define or sum up what is my passion? I was pushed to think hard and try to find/define my real underlying passion.

Continue reading “Passionate About What?”

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