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The Secret to Success is NO Secret!

The secret of success, is that, it is no secret.

We all know intuitively how to succeed we have simply let the world suffocate this wisdom. We have become accustomed to hearing what others tell us and letting these words guide our choices. Making decisions based on social pressure and someone else’s truth. The result of this, is a world full of lost souls trying to make their lives work against overwhelming odds and indeed their own inner self.

It is no surprise to me that so many people are seriously ill, depressed, or suffering from anxiety and stress. Taking the wrong path through your life, is a constant strain on your body and mind, even if you are not aware of it yet, problems will arise.

How many of you have asked yourselves the questions?

  • “What am I doing here?”
  • “Why am I doing this job I hate?”
  • “Why do I stay in this relationship?”
    Or the classic
  • “What’s my purpose in life?”.

The answer is simple, the solution more difficult.

Clearly you got to this place by making decisions that were not right for you! So the answer is to ‘make better decisions’. However to do that, you must first find yourself again.

The Solution is to begin the process of getting back in touch with who YOU are, so you can listen to your own wisdom. NO one on this planet can tell you what that is, your wisdom is yours alone and when heeded, your life will begin to fall into place as you take the path YOU were meant to.

When you are on the right path, decisions are easy, effortless in fact, things just slot into place as they should.

Getting on this road is not easy for most of us, we tend to have a lot invested in our current way of ‘being’ in the world; our very character may have been moulded by our choices so far. Finding the real you tucked away deep under the camouflage can take a little bit of time and effort but once you do…..its like being given back the keys to your real life.

My goal for this 60th year of my life, is to help as many people as I can find their way back, so :-

IF you are struggling in an unhappy place?
IF you can no longer take the ride your life has become?
IF you are ready to take up the challenge of change…..?

Then I hope your next step is towards me, because together we are strong! Together, you too can succeed.








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Hola From The Yucatan!

Today’s blog is coming to you from the sunny shores of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsular 🙂


I am here for the next month, hopefully longer. I am not on vacation as such but for health reasons I have become a ‘Snowbird escaping the Canadian winter, which unfortunately these days, causes me so much pain.

So here I sit, drinking my coffee, looking out at a spectacular sea view as the sun rises slowly from the ocean, bringing its life to us for another day.

Life here pretty much revolves around the passing of the sun.

Few people wear a watch, they simply look up to judge if its time for work or lunch yet. Many of the winter visitors, ‘the snowbirds’, have no idea what day of the week it is. Work is also not hurried, it is often too hot to rush about, so work proceeds at a more sedat but effective pace. Things may take a little longer than many of us are used to, but it gets done and no one has had to burst a blood vessel to do it.

With Stress being the route cause of so much suffering and illness in our corporate world, I think we can learn a thing or two from Mexico, especially the Mayan cultures of the Yucatan. Here life is a gift, not to be squandered. It should be treasured and enjoyed, not raced through at breakneck speed in search of the next material item we have been told we need.

Don’t get me wrong they work hard here, but work is not their life, they do not judge themselves by what they do. Sure most could do with more money, most are inadequately paid and their lives tough but they smile readily and like to joke around at any opportunity.

With the ever growing tourist industry, rapidly taking over the coastal villages, my fear for the Yucatan is that our ways will infiltrate them. That they will slowly begin to need ‘the stuff’ we have and that will erode a way of being that impresses me. This makes me feel guilty for being here but I also know our money helps bring them many of the basics a human needs to survive. Without the money our culture brings the Yucatan would be a much more difficult place to live for the local populace.

We cannot stop this flow now, too many need us here, an entire industry dependant on foreigners has evolved. Yes, a lot of the profit is not staying in this country and I wish that was different but for the local people this is all they have right now. There are a lot of people like myself, who see this and make an effort to directly support the locals, not the industry but its a long way from being fair.

I for one love my time in this magical part of the world and I want to continue to come here. I just hope the price paid by the local population is not too high. I do see changes in the yonger people. I just hope they do not devolve into the needy material driven society, that many of us are all too familiar with and running from.


I truly hope that here, somehow, the Mayan Culture survives the changes.



Musings of a SNOWBIRD who is living the dream.

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