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How to Leave the Past Behind!

It is not uncommon for people to turn to a life coach for help in moving forward because they feel stuck and unable to motivate themselves.  More often than not their current impasse is rooted in an incident in their past and it is anchoring them emotionally to that reality.

The first thing we will have to work on together, is identifying that root cause and finding a way to free the negative emotional ties to that event.  Most will know what it is but simply can’t let it go.  It’s a nagging feeling of hurt, anger or humiliation, which at the time was powerful enough to imprint on them to such an extent, it’s always near the surface ready to colour the current situation.

As humans we forget most of our daily thoughts, we would go insane if we did not, however when its attached to a powerful feeling, it can stay with us…..we remember events that have strong feelings attached, the most.

So we need to change HOW WE FEEL about that negative event.

  • Initially I might ask a client WHY they feel they need to let go of this?  Knowing your reasons for needing to free yourself of this anchor, is an important motivator.
  • Then HOW would you be different, if you no longer had this negative feeling holding on to you and your decisions?
  • Followed by WHAT will it be like to live FREE of this?


Once you can identify the above, it is much easier to start to implement the more practical daily steps towards a more positive emotional you.


Coach Lin

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How Do I Find The Right Partner?

So many times in my coaching career have I been asked :-

“How do I find the Right Partner? Where do I look and how do I know when its the right one?”

My answer is always the same – Continue reading “How Do I Find The Right Partner?”

Why Super Woman Must Die!

YES you read that right, its time for Super-Woman to disappear forever!

I am sitting here, a 59 year old #Life Coach, #Cancer #Survivor and wondering to myself, how the hell I get through to all the young women out there in their 30’s and 40’s who are trying to be Super-Woman?  I personally know lots of them and in most cases they are all chasing the illusion that they can indeed be Super Woman and that they can indeed have it all…….which of course it total rubbish!

How do I know its rubbish?

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Are You Worth It?

A question we rarely ask ourselves but we often make life decisions based on our perception of this.  We rush headlong on with our life, unhappy and miserable, wanting to change it but never really committing to making a change…………..why? Continue reading “Are You Worth It?”

Bell Lets Talk – Canada Mental Health Day

Head to your social media sights today everyone because its Bell Canada’s Mental Health Day and Bell will donate money for every share of their posts.

#BellLetsTalk #depression

I too am slashing my rates for you guys out there :-


How Cancer Led Me To My Life’s Purpose!

Why & How I became a Life Coach & What I like about it?

Well firstly I love helping people, and seeing them smile, its as simple as that!

I love the friendships that grow as trust in me builds. I love the feeling of accomplishment when my clients succeed!  The money is not what its about for me, the warm sense of satisfaction and inspiration I get from YOU, can be payment in itself sometimes.

Put simply I LOVE MY JOB!

However I was not born a coach, it was not my occupation until 2010 and I came to it via a very unexpected root……………Breast CANCER! Continue reading “How Cancer Led Me To My Life’s Purpose!”

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