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Never be too grown up to play! 

How many time in your life have you been told to ‘Grow UP!’ or indeed how many times have you said those words……and what do we mean by this? 

Clearly its a comment on behaviour that is seen as ‘child like’ or ‘immature’ in the eyes of the sayer……..but is it? To them perhaps the actions of the accused are seen to be unacceptable but do they have the right to judge that? Probably not, because even the saying of this indicates that person too may need to heed their own advice.

So what does ‘Growing up’ really mean?  Continue reading “Never be too grown up to play! “

Feeling Good – Our Natural State.

As I sit here on my balcony in sunny Mexico it is easy to see the world in all its glory. To look out at the ocean and admire the colours, the sounds, the smells. To see the deepness of the blue sky and feel wonder at the depth of colour. It is easy to feel good in such a place.

But it was not always so.

I too have seen the dark and cold side of life. Continue reading “Feeling Good – Our Natural State.”


What do we mean when we say ‘Life’s a Beach!”


I guess it can mean many different things to different people but for me I think it represents a connection back to our roots. There is a soothing sense of well being when I sit watching the never ending rolling of the sea as it breaks relentlessly against the shoreline. As my busy mind lets go of the multitude of thoughts all vying for my attention and my body settles in the the rhythm of the waves, I find a peace that is embracing & very welcome.

I feel connected to our planet, in a way I don’t anywhere else!

From this serene and content perspective my body heals & my mind becomes focused, not confused. Problems find solutions easily and life regains the balance it needs.

What does it mean to you?

Hola From The Yucatan!

Today’s blog is coming to you from the sunny shores of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsular 🙂


I am here for the next month, hopefully longer. I am not on vacation as such but for health reasons I have become a ‘Snowbird escaping the Canadian winter, which unfortunately these days, causes me so much pain.

So here I sit, drinking my coffee, looking out at a spectacular sea view as the sun rises slowly from the ocean, bringing its life to us for another day.

Life here pretty much revolves around the passing of the sun.

Few people wear a watch, they simply look up to judge if its time for work or lunch yet. Many of the winter visitors, ‘the snowbirds’, have no idea what day of the week it is. Work is also not hurried, it is often too hot to rush about, so work proceeds at a more sedat but effective pace. Things may take a little longer than many of us are used to, but it gets done and no one has had to burst a blood vessel to do it.

With Stress being the route cause of so much suffering and illness in our corporate world, I think we can learn a thing or two from Mexico, especially the Mayan cultures of the Yucatan. Here life is a gift, not to be squandered. It should be treasured and enjoyed, not raced through at breakneck speed in search of the next material item we have been told we need.

Don’t get me wrong they work hard here, but work is not their life, they do not judge themselves by what they do. Sure most could do with more money, most are inadequately paid and their lives tough but they smile readily and like to joke around at any opportunity.

With the ever growing tourist industry, rapidly taking over the coastal villages, my fear for the Yucatan is that our ways will infiltrate them. That they will slowly begin to need ‘the stuff’ we have and that will erode a way of being that impresses me. This makes me feel guilty for being here but I also know our money helps bring them many of the basics a human needs to survive. Without the money our culture brings the Yucatan would be a much more difficult place to live for the local populace.

We cannot stop this flow now, too many need us here, an entire industry dependant on foreigners has evolved. Yes, a lot of the profit is not staying in this country and I wish that was different but for the local people this is all they have right now. There are a lot of people like myself, who see this and make an effort to directly support the locals, not the industry but its a long way from being fair.

I for one love my time in this magical part of the world and I want to continue to come here. I just hope the price paid by the local population is not too high. I do see changes in the yonger people. I just hope they do not devolve into the needy material driven society, that many of us are all too familiar with and running from.


I truly hope that here, somehow, the Mayan Culture survives the changes.



Musings of a SNOWBIRD who is living the dream.

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I Gave Myself Cancer!


To live a fully functional, fun filled life of our dreams, we need to be healthy. Without our health there is no balance to life, the scales are tipped heavily towards struggle.

I know because my ‘scales plunged’ when at the age of 44, Cancer entered MY LIFE.

I survived YES but at a cost; my physical body can no longer do what I want of it and when I can, there is always pain and then more pain. I often am unable to travel; have to back out of plans and can loose whole days to the pain.

What I thought would be my future, no longer applies.

I am however adaptive and am thriving in a different and more sedate way. But this took much time and don’t let the courageous spirit fool you! NO one, wants to have to deal with or fight through, a serious health issue or learn to live with a chronic problem.
We DO, but not by choice and however brave and well balanced we may seem………it’s always a struggle…..and was not a part of our dreams or life goals.

SO when I say to you, that looking after your health is the first step towards the dreams and goals you wish to achieve, towards that life you have planned for yourself, believe me, i know!

Accidents happen over which we have no choice but diseases like Cancer are not accidents, they occur because our body was too weak to fight it off. Because we allowed the stress and pace of our lives to deplete us and Cancer got its chance. This can apply to most chronic illness. One may be genetically predisposed to get a certain disease but it will only manifest, if you allow your mind and body to become overrun by stress hormones and lack of good nutrition.

WE MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY no one gives you these health issues, except you! This is why I say “I gave myself Cancer!”

Granted, there are some things over which YOU have no control, environmental toxins or background radiation levels to name a couple but are you doing anything about those that are within your control? Have you removed all toxic chemicals from your home? Have you started cooking fresh unprocessed foods again? Do you take the stairs or walk to the store? Are you taking good quality Vitamins? The list goes on.

Now my intent with this blog was not to talk about myself and or lecture but to impart to you just how very important your health is. We tend not to think of it until we have a problem. I know I didn’t ……i ate a good diet and exercised alot and thought that was enough… wasn’t! To be the first person in my family to get Breast Cancer, is not an accolade I’m proud of, I assure you.

In the 13 years since that fateful day, I have read and leant much and now believe we absolutely NEED to ease the stress in our lives in any way we can. We cannot rely on our governments or doctors, their interests are faulty at best. This is something we each have to do for ourselves, to evaluate where we are and where we are heading. Correcting a course is not always easy but its a damn sight easier, when it’s not enforced as mine was, when options can very quickly, become limited!

We also need to eat organically AND supplement our food with good nutrients and vitamins* So as to give our body and mind what it requires to function with optimal health. And with good health, comes good sleep, good decisions and the chance of actually living that well balanced life of your dreams.

You owe it to yourself and your family to be Physically & Mentally healthy enough to reach for and make those dreams come true!!

I write this today from the Mexican Riviera Maya to where recent events in my life have led me and as I sit here typing, I am contemplating yet another change in my life. Partly out of necessity but also another step towards a life of more balance and more importantly of Health…..because with good health you have options. Please don’t waste yours.

*Even organic food can be lacking in nutrients, as the very soil is no longer as rich as it used to be.

Safe Help for Menopausal Hot Flushes / Flashes

Yep that’s what I said………Real SAFE Help for Menopause & Hot Flushes!

I don’t usually blog about on here about things related to my cancer site but for this product I am making an exception. Why?  Well because it is not only cancer patients this can help but all menopausal or peri-menopausal women out there and it’s too good not to share.

Lets face it a balanced life starts with a good nights sleep.

I know many of you are aware I had Breast Cancer 12 years ago but what you might not know, is that when the doctors chemically shut down your ovaries, throwing you into a forced, sudden and in my case early menopause, life becomes a menopause nightmare!  Plus we are not allowed to take any of the drugs natural or otherwise that may help. So believe me when I say, I KNOW all about the worst hot flushes/flashes going.

Its Hell On Earth!

Truly, when you are getting out of bed several times a night to go out side and LIE naked in the SNOW.… then you know things are really bad.

People laugh, they tell jokes, I even do it myself but the overwhelming desire to strip off all your clothes 3 or 4 times an hour, really is no joking matter!  The sleepless nights, coupled with the totally embarrassment felt when your brain also goes into complete and utter spaz mode, leaves you exhausted and desperate.

I have now been in this living hell for 12.5 years, since chemo plunged me into my nightmare, from which I will probably never get reprieved.  So after all this time, to come across a product that is natural, effective and actually does what it says, is enough to get me jumping up and down for pure JOY! 

Its called coldfront & I have been testing it for you!

On-the-go, on demand personal cooling

So what is it and how does it work?

It is a really simple idea usingIncluded in each coldfront kit are the 2 palm packs, cooling core, wicking cloth, and the thermally insulated case. the latest technology &………ICE PACKs all put together in this neat little unit that you can take with YOU anywhere.

As soon as you feel that initial surge, simply get out 1 or both of the hand sized cool packs and pop it on your chest, neck where ever you need it. When it’s no longer cold pop it back in the case and in 20 mins its ready to go again.

I’m not going to go into all the details you can check that out by clicking the images but I am going to say it really does every thing it says it will……….and then some.

Just pop it in the freezer and then its ready to keep you cool, calm and collected for 12 hours!!

Oh & just so you know. Yes I am an affiliate for coldfront, so I do get commission when you purchase from my site but that did not affect my testing or review of this product. I am blogging about this because I know how you feel and this is the first thing I have tried that is not harmful & actually WORKS!

Sharing the joy. 😀

See You On The Bright Side

Coach Lin
Mum & child skating

NOTE: Can also be used for sports injuries, bumps and bruises. Great for Mums with small children who always seem to need a bump iced, now you can take the ice pack with you and be prepared anywhere!

On-the-go, on demand personal cooling

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