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Why Super Woman Must Die!

YES you read that right, its time for Super-Woman to disappear forever!

I am sitting here, a 59 year old #Life Coach, #Cancer #Survivor and wondering to myself, how the hell I get through to all the young women out there in their 30’s and 40’s who are trying to be Super-Woman?  I personally know lots of them and in most cases they are all chasing the illusion that they can indeed be Super Woman and that they can indeed have it all…….which of course it total rubbish!

How do I know its rubbish?

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Are You Worth It?

A question we rarely ask ourselves but we often make life decisions based on our perception of this.  We rush headlong on with our life, unhappy and miserable, wanting to change it but never really committing to making a change…………..why? Continue reading “Are You Worth It?”

Now, Where Did I See That?

My son had a big hand in making this.

Powell River Today

New signage at the edge of Sliammon First Nations’ land appeared this week, welcoming visitors to their ancestral territory.

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Pay It Forward – Help Others

If you are one of my many content and happy ex clients, you know how important coaching is. You will also know that not everyone can afford the help they need.  I gift a lot of my time and energy to helping others but now I need to ask you to help me.  To keep many of my services either free or affordable, I need YOU to step up and spread the love.  Even a small donation can keep Help On The Go going for one more month.  Please check out the link and help me to help others.

Thank you, truly from my heart.

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