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Safe Help for Menopausal Hot Flushes / Flashes

Yep that’s what I said………Real SAFE Help for Menopause & Hot Flushes!

I don’t usually blog about on here about things related to my cancer site but for this product I am making an exception. Why?  Well because it is not only cancer patients this can help but all menopausal or peri-menopausal women out there and it’s too good not to share.

Lets face it a balanced life starts with a good nights sleep.

I know many of you are aware I had Breast Cancer 12 years ago but what you might not know, is that when the doctors chemically shut down your ovaries, throwing you into a forced, sudden and in my case early menopause, life becomes a menopause nightmare!  Plus we are not allowed to take any of the drugs natural or otherwise that may help. So believe me when I say, I KNOW all about the worst hot flushes/flashes going.

Its Hell On Earth!

Truly, when you are getting out of bed several times a night to go out side and LIE naked in the SNOW.… then you know things are really bad.

People laugh, they tell jokes, I even do it myself but the overwhelming desire to strip off all your clothes 3 or 4 times an hour, really is no joking matter!  The sleepless nights, coupled with the totally embarrassment felt when your brain also goes into complete and utter spaz mode, leaves you exhausted and desperate.

I have now been in this living hell for 12.5 years, since chemo plunged me into my nightmare, from which I will probably never get reprieved.  So after all this time, to come across a product that is natural, effective and actually does what it says, is enough to get me jumping up and down for pure JOY! 

Its called coldfront & I have been testing it for you!

On-the-go, on demand personal cooling

So what is it and how does it work?

It is a really simple idea usingIncluded in each coldfront kit are the 2 palm packs, cooling core, wicking cloth, and the thermally insulated case. the latest technology &………ICE PACKs all put together in this neat little unit that you can take with YOU anywhere.

As soon as you feel that initial surge, simply get out 1 or both of the hand sized cool packs and pop it on your chest, neck where ever you need it. When it’s no longer cold pop it back in the case and in 20 mins its ready to go again.

I’m not going to go into all the details you can check that out by clicking the images but I am going to say it really does every thing it says it will……….and then some.

Just pop it in the freezer and then its ready to keep you cool, calm and collected for 12 hours!!

Oh & just so you know. Yes I am an affiliate for coldfront, so I do get commission when you purchase from my site but that did not affect my testing or review of this product. I am blogging about this because I know how you feel and this is the first thing I have tried that is not harmful & actually WORKS!

Sharing the joy. 😀

See You On The Bright Side

Coach Lin
Mum & child skating

NOTE: Can also be used for sports injuries, bumps and bruises. Great for Mums with small children who always seem to need a bump iced, now you can take the ice pack with you and be prepared anywhere!

On-the-go, on demand personal cooling

Life Coaching – Taking My Own Advice!

So I need to apologise to all my readers for my absence the past few months.

Things in my life were becoming very hectic.  I have several serious health issues to deal with, My youngest son was getting ready to move with his family to the other side of the continent and my work load was becoming stressful. ……………SO I took some time off.

I stepped back from it all and took some time out to reevaluate how to move forward in a more balanced way.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I want to show you that even though I am a life coach and ‘know better’, it is all to easy for life to spiral out of control.

The last time that happened to me, I ended up with Breast Cancer. so now I try to be more aware  However, 12 years later, I was once again letting things drift into chaos and I was back on the cancer merry-go-round of poking, prodding and specialist appointments.

So after a few days rest and more rounds of medical tests,  I finally sat down and asked myself “what would I say to a client in this situation?

My answer came quickly “something needs to change, if you want changes in your life”.

One of my particular ‘hangups’ has been focused around my part-time tech job.  Even though my Coaching Practice is running well, I was finding it hard to quit this part-time corporate job: so I decided I needed to start with this and ask myself WHY ?  After much soul-searching I came to realise that I was afraid.  I have been dealing with Cancer and its fallout for 12 years, I realised I was afraid that if I quit, no one else would ever hire me.

It was only when I asked myself why that frightened me and what I actually liked about this job, that I realised the absurdity of these feelings.  I had not been happy in that work in a long time, in fact I resented the hours I was working in the role.  Plus, I did not want or have any intention of ever working in a corporate job again.  It was so far from what I wanted, that the fear of not having it, was ludicrous.


Boy did I ever feel better the next day!  A huge burden was lifted and I felt free to move on in my life with enthusiasm and purpose, doing what I love, which is coaching others.

I am still having tests and still have many medical issues ahead of me but I feel so much lighter to have relieved myself of this burden.  The fear I thought I would feel is not there, not in the slightest.  I now feel I can take on what ever obstacles come my way in terms of heath issues, with renewed vigor and I know success.

I am also so very happy to be back doing what I love to do…………… and coach others to find the same great feeling when you know, you are in tune with your life’s purpose.

See you on the bright side 🙂

Coach Lin

A Post from my Cancer Blog worth Sharing.

IF I Could Turn Back Time?

Free eBook on Chemo


Hi Peeps, just want to update you on whats happening over on my Walk Away From Cancer Site.

I release a Free eBook titled Tips on Surviving Chemotherapy this week, which contains some things I learnt on my journey through the dreaded Hell that is Cancer Treatment.

Anyway its being downloaded, right now by people from all over so if you know anyone about to enter into the nightmare of Chemotherapy & Cancer Treatments, then please go grab a copy …………remember its FREE.

Its available at

Have a great weekend
Free eBook on Chemotherapy




Coach Lin

Are You Heading Down the Rabbit Hole?

Are you so exhausted & overwhelmed that its hard to just keep going ?

This is almost a normal these days and none of us seem immune, even me.

Feelings Overwhelmed. Can no longer CopeLife has been very busy for me over the past little while and I have recently caught myself falling into that “too many things on my plate” trap, that seems to so easily invade our lives.

Now I know better!

In fact, I am always preaching that there must be balance and yet, here I am once again sliding down the rabbit hole into a world of rushed meals, long hours working and lack of care for me. The last time I allowed this to happen, CANCER ENTERED MY LIFE and I do not plan on that happening ever again.

Time to stop the madness.

Easy to say and not so easy to actually do, given that I am a pretty typical type A personality and that a lot of what I am involved in, I really enjoy. But once the feelings start to become ones of overwhelm, the sirens should go off.

So time to turn my attention fully to the NOT so enjoyable stuff and see what I can let go of. Because, its the not so enjoyable stuff that gets to us, that bring us down emotionally and eventually physically. We do not tend to feel overwhelmed or over burdened when its something we enjoy.

It is not simply the burden of work but the kind of burden the work imposes on us.

Many of you will know that as well as my work as a coach & mentor, I have a job as a Technical Support Analyst, which I have had for quite a long time. It pays well, I work from home, can pick my hours and never have to battle a snow storm, which are all desirable features given the numerous problems I have had since my cancer treatments.

However, I no longer like doing this.

In fact I would go so far as to say I really hate it!! Not a good thing.

So it is easy to see where I need to make the changes but if I walk away from this job, it is entirely possible I will not be able to get another one, should I need to. Even though I don’t feel I will ‘need to’, its hard to let go. Especially as some of the benefits of this position, will not be available to me personally as an ex cancer patient.

There in lies the route of my issue really.

Do I quit so as to gain more balance in my life and protect myself from further Cancer?

OR Do I stay with the benefits & security?

Clearly QUIT is the only sensible option here. You know this, I know this!

But when did sense ever enter into what is an emotional issue?

Fear is the emotion that is holding me back and driving my thought process around this, not my logic.

I have in fact made my decision but I wanted to demonstrate that we each have our emotinal triggers around certain issues, things that stop us from doing what is actually “BEST for US”.

When you are in that place it is also sometimes very difficult to see and this is where working with a coach can really be helpful. Coaches are trained to listen to you closely and often hear the emotion that you are not aware of; once this is identified, it is amazing how quickly action can be planned and taken.

Time for change!

Coach Lin

Note:If you are feeling stuck, unable to make a decisions; if you are feeling in any way overwhelmed with your work load or life; a few sessions with the right coach, may well be the best gift you could ever give yourself.


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Happiness – Do you even know what makes you happy?

Hi there, Can I ask you a question?


I don’t think we get asked this often, in fact we rarely ask it of ourselves. This got me to thinking about what happiness means and how different it is for each of us. And yet we often assume that another is or isn’t happy based on our own perceptions.

For some happiness Continue reading “Happiness – Do you even know what makes you happy?”

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