So many times in my coaching career have I been asked :-

“How do I find the Right Partner? Where do I look and how do I know when its the right one?”

My answer is always the same –

While you are busy ‘looking’ for your ideal partner…..your life is flashing by, the moments ruined or missed by incessant chasing of something that is at best illusive….. SO STOP CHASING !

This may sound easy for me to say…….the love of my life wandered into it when I was just 17yrs old and 42 years later he is still in it.  However I was not looking for love, I was  not out in search of a partner, quite the opposite; I had plans that did not include a partner.   I was then and am still very aware of the people, things and incidents that happen in my path and knew from the very first dance…………He was ‘THE ONE’.

My plans had to be reevaluated, my direction altered somewhat but I was never in doubt that this was for the best.

I NEVER had to ask “is he the one?”

If you are a believer in the Law of Attraction, then all you need do is know in your heart the right person is out there and will appear when the time is right. You do not need to go looking for love, learn to love your life, learn to love yourself and simply remain aware.

So please when I say to you that you should STOP WASTING your life trying to hunt down a person to spend your life with and simply LIVE YOUR LIFE  Please trust this.

Because when you stop looking, when you stop chasing, its amazing how often, love walks in the door.