YES you read that right, its time for Super-Woman to disappear forever!

I am sitting here, a 59 year old #Life Coach, #Cancer #Survivor and wondering to myself, how the hell I get through to all the young women out there in their 30’s and 40’s who are trying to be Super-Woman?  I personally know lots of them and in most cases they are all chasing the illusion that they can indeed be Super Woman and that they can indeed have it all…….which of course it total rubbish!

How do I know its rubbish?

Well because my generation tried that too…………and it did not work. We burnt out, we got sick and some died trying to be something that simply does not exist……..!

For me it was Breast Cancer which at 43yrs of age, smacked me in the face and said ‘slow the F* down or die!’

I was your typical modern mum, full time job, kids, family, house to look after, coaching junior Ice Hockey and in my inadequate spare time, squeezing in my own sports.  Basically I was running around like a headless chicken trying to keep all the balls in the air from my mid 20’s, until the choice was taken out of my hands by Cancer in 2001

There is no history of Breast Cancer in my family, in fact I had NONE of the normal risk factors…….it should not have happened to me…..but it did.  

Now it takes a Breast Cancer 6 to 10 years to develop into a tangible lump and with no apparent reason for me to get it, I had to look seriously at the way I led my life in my 30’s as a possible cause of this.  I ate pretty good, I exercised a lot but I was also constantly striving at work to fight a system loaded against me. I was constantly trying to make sure everyone was fed and watered, I was constantly making lists in my head day and night, so I did not forget anything or anyone.  I was in fact constantly on the go! I was in a state of constant, prolonged stress………which is, a big factor in the Cancer story.  Had I stopped long enough, I would have seen I was #exhausted and running on pure adrenaline.

And there you have it…..I was striving to be Super-Woman!

AND this is what it got me!

Last Day Of Chemo Award!

Now I could post some of my more graphic photos but I am sure you have seen scars before and we all know what #Cancer looks like, so I think you’ll get the point with this one. Oh and receiving an award for making it through #Chemo is not something I am proud of…believe me!


So PLEASE, PLEASE younger generation, take heed of my experience, listen to us oldies, because we do unfortunately know what you are going through, yours is not a new problem. We also know the consequences of the enormous load you are trying to carry. We, I  want it to be different for you.  I want you to have the things you want but I want you to live long and enjoy them.  I want you to prosper, not burn out. I want you to have it all without dire consequences.

You however have to decide what ALL is and what price you are prepared to pay TODAY! Because right now, at this very moment, you could be enabling disease.

YES we should be able to have our careers and families, just as men do, but until this world is a more fair place, until job sharing is the normal or 3 day work weeks are kept by all, it is almost impossible to do…….even by #Super-Woman!  I am not suggesting we give up the fight but that we get smart about how we fight. None of us are of any use to anyone if we are incapacitated by sickness, exhaustion or worst of all…. dead.


Coach Lin

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Life Coaches talk a lot about Balance, not because its a nice word but because its effective at describing how we humans need to be…………..we need to be in Balance….physically, mentally and spiritually.  If our lives are keeping us out of balance in any way, things tend to unravel and we loose our grip on our health, our minds or our beliefs.

Making change is not easy but if you recognise yourself in my words above, you may want to give serious thought to how and what you can change to get back to a more Balanced YOU!  Continuous striving to be a mythical super hero, which I call #SuperWomanSyndrome is like bashing your head against a brick wall……..and it has to stop!

SUPER WOMAN needs to exit……. its time for REAL women! SuperWoman#Superwomansyndrome

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