Why & How I became a Life Coach & What I like about it?

Well firstly I love helping people, and seeing them smile, its as simple as that!

I love the friendships that grow as trust in me builds. I love the feeling of accomplishment when my clients succeed!  The money is not what its about for me, the warm sense of satisfaction and inspiration I get from YOU, can be payment in itself sometimes.

Put simply I LOVE MY JOB!

However I was not born a coach, it was not my occupation until 2010 and I came to it via a very unexpected root……………Breast CANCER!

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Cancer barged into my life when I was 43yrs old and led me to a moment of clarity where I could suddenly see how my decisions had been leading me down the wrong road!  A road that was not really suited to me and my talents…….and look where it got me!  Bald head in the toilet, puking my guts up.  Knowing that I had contributed to my cancer was one thing but did I have the courage to change direction, to make the necessary changes that would keep it at bay………that was the real question? Could I turn this all around and make the whole shitty cancer thing, positive somehow?

Walking Away From Cancer
Walking Away From Cancer

(wish I’d had a life coach back then :)).

Anyway at that point I didn’t have the strength, too much of my time and energy were taken up with the cancer fight but a seed was planted.

Fortunately, in the years post treatments as my health deteriorated (yes I did say fortunately), I was forced to start working from home; as an IT worker this was easy to do. However as the months started to pass I realised that it was the people I worked with that I liked, not the work. As a problem solver I was good a my job but IT was something I drifted into, rather than choose; perhaps I was solving the wrong problems?

So a whole period of self-evaluation started, during which I decided to enroll in an online Open University Adult Psychology Diploma,  primarily to help me sort my self out and hopefully keep the Chemo brain at bay.  I am an over achiever, so while I expected to do well, I was totally surprised at how good I was at this and more importantly, how easy it was for me.  I had found something that resonated with my soul in a way nothing else ever really had.  This was the direction I needed to go in, I felt it deeply.

Towards the end of my study, I started to wonder how to proceed, when I came across the world of Life Coaching, which was just emerging onto the world stage as a new profession. Feeling drawn to the ‘Moving Forward’ aspect of Life Coaching I signed up with CTA and qualified as Certified Life Coach in 2010, quitting my IT job a while later.

So cancer is how I came to be doing the work that now inspires me everyday;

cancer is how I came to be doing what I was clearly meant to do;

cancer is how I came to be truly living my purpose!

Sometimes in life we may feel like our world is ending but inevitably it goes on. So take your pain, take your loneliness, take your anger and turn it around.  Make it work for you somehow. Turn that anger into commitment to a cause, the loneliness into space to reflect and the pain into hope.

So when I say to you, “this bad time you may currently be going through is part of your journey…..USE IT!”   Please know I speak from my experience and from my heart.

Much Love, Coach LinWeLv_BC_48px

Note: Should you need help getting through and out the other end, I am always happy to make a new friend.