Life coaches talk alot about change and how we should not fear but embrace change, how even bad changes, can ultimately be a good thing.
But who the heck are we, to lecture you on how you should feel or think about stuff that is happening in YOUR world?   How do we know its going to be okay, or what the best thing for you is in the long run ?

How is it we can say “change is good”?

Truth is, we dont know, not really. We don’t have guarentees that things will right themselves, or that your current negative situation is going to turn out ok.

WHAT WE DO HAVE, is some insight and hopefully
some personal experience that helps us, to move you through your challenge and enable you to feel good about it.

Having been on this planet for almost 6 decades, I have personally witnessed or experienced many of the situations that cause us to think of change as a bad thing, to be wary of it, to be fearful; I know, I’m human just like you.

Some of these may have been instigaged personally……child birth or moving home/ country and others that are forced upon us…… job loss, illness or loss of a loved one. It matters little wether its a decision you made or one enforced upon you.

Both types of change bring about instability to the status quo and both types of change…..bring on the fear.

Fear is without doubt our most powerful emotion and it is also our most difficult emotion to effect. At its best it can mobilise us into action, to make us instinctively run, duck or prepare us to fight. At worst it can immobilise us, rendering us useless and incapable of decision.

Because fear brings about a mostly instinctive reaction in our bodies as adrenaline pumps through our veins, it is hard to control. This reaction, ‘a left over’ from our caveman days, when staying alive depended on being alert at all times, is now causing us more harm than good. We no longer need to run from tigers but we still have the programming that is telling us we should. Even a relatively small change in circumstances, setting off an overreaction, causing much anxiety and angst.

And the thing about anxiety is…… its not a good decision maker!
Once anxiety sets in, we tend to become stuck, rooted in doubt and fear.

So with this knowledge, personal experience & training, a life coach can help you to handle your fear. As an outsider to your problem we are a step away from the fear that is paralysing you. From here we are able to help you to put it in perspective & context so you can embrace and accept the change.

None of us is immune from change, we are not able to remain captive in a moment in time however much we may wish it. We have limited control of the changes happening around us and even to us; we are all in constant motion. So we must find ways to deal effectively with it.

Life coaching is one of the avenues available to help you and it is something coaches are particularly suited to to do. 

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