Could not have said this better myself. Many of the clients who come my way are stuck in this ‘need to blame someone else’ loop. The end result always being that they end up bitter, angry and stuck. Unable to make decisions for or about themselves. It is truly sad and unfortunately quite prolific.


Mexico Hurricane Odil

A Utah mother whose daughter was stranded in Cabo as a result of hurricane Odile had the audacity to blame the airline that took her there?

KSL News radio  reported yesterday of a mother and her frustration at not hearing from her daughter who was in Cabo for a work related getaway.  This mother went on the find fault with the airline for taking her daughter there in the first place, she said that the airlines knew about the pending storm and should never have taken the passengers in the first place.


This is a perfect example of the insane opinions that everyone else is to blame for your misfortunes?  How about taking responsibility for your own choices and decisions?  It has become all to common and easy to blame others for our own stupid choices.


How is the the airlines fault?

Maybe it…

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