I’ve been pondering the meaning of the word MOTIVATION.

What motivates an F1 driver to risk their life to drive a car fast, or an athlete to push that bit harder in training? What gets a working mum/mom through her more than hectic day or gets a disabled person out of bed in the morning?  We might say that they are all Motivated but is this the same thing for each of them?

Certainly we can group motivators into categories, for example the F1 driver and the Athlete may both be driven by their competitive need to be the best, but the athlete may also want to be the fittest and the driver the fastest. The mother may be motivated by income / career or the desire to be the best mother in the world & the disabled person by the need to prove everyone wrong.

This one word seems to cover a whole world of thoughts and feelings, all of them different in each of us.

Clearly, we all have intricate and different needs or desires we need to acknowledge, in order to be able to switch our motivation ON.  Finding them, is not always easy because we also like to feel good about our motivators and the truth is, they are not always things we will admit to.

Sometimes our motivation is in conflict with our morals. 

For example, someone whose goal is promotion at work, may think they are motivated by more money but really they are after the prestige of the position and they don’t want to admit this to themselves, maybe it feels needy or shallow to them. So they go after the job with the larger Salary, when in fact they should be going after the job that has the most kudos in their eyes. They are often not the same. So this person will not feel like they have achieved anything real, because their motivator was not money and they will shortly be dissatisfied; again.

So for me as a Coach, my first goal in working with you, is to find the real MOTIVATOR. I need to be able to dig around and locate what it is that truly motivates YOU to succeed and then, get you to acknowledge what it is that is really driving you………. Only then, do we stand a chance of achieving your objective, what ever it may be.

I need to be able to push YOUR buttons 😉

For those of you who have been unsuccessful in the past with a goal or perhaps you have failed relationships, I would suggest you start by trying to identify your real objective and what is motivating it.

What’s driving the REAL YOU?

  • If you are finally fed up of not getting what you want
  • of always being beaten or overtaken;
  • Of trying but not succeeding

Then, perhaps its time to invest in YOU!

Perhaps its time to get the help you need, so you can finally get the relationship you always wanted, the job of your dreams or the million dollar home you love in your neighbourhood. Perhaps its time, to get truly motivated for success.

Perhaps its time to get a LIFE COACH

& I’m very good at what I do!

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