Should i go or should i stay now?

Relationships should not be constant hard work!

If you are finding that every interaction has you working hard to make sure you don’t say or do the wrong thing, or that you are constantly trying to find ways to please your partner? Then it may just be time to stop!

Partnerships should be fun, loving, caring & trusting.

Yes relationships need work from time to time, but not continually! If you are in constant work mode in your relationship, then you really don’t have one, you have a job! An exhausting one at that.

should I go or should I stay?
Is Your Relationship On The Rocks?

Many of you come to me with tales of how hard you’ve tried to keep your partner happy and that you have changed to try and please them. And this makes me very sad.

Because often the problem is not with you, so no amount of change on your part, will correct the problem. The problem may lay with your partner and YOU cannot change that. All you can do, is be yourself and if that is not good enough for them……then that is their problem. Your problem is finding the strength to make the really tough decision…go or stay?

Because if you stay, you devalue yourself. Your partners expectations of you are not real and trying to change to accommodate them, is what is bashing your confidence!

Every time you try to appease them, YOU take away a little bit of your self worth.

So i suggest you look honestly at yourself and ask:-

  1. Am I a better person in this relationship?
  2. Am I a happy person in this relationship?
  3. Am I ever afraid of my partner?
  4. Do i trust my partner to always look out for me?
  5. Do we share similar views about our future?
  6. Does my partner make me feel good about myself?
  7. Do I feel loved, just the way I am?

If you find you are not liking the answers, then it is probably time you moved on!

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