I think this warning – To Would be Life Coaches -deserves a repost.

Helping Hand - Life Coaching

Warning for Life Coaches

So you like helping people, its what you do. Everyone who knows you comes to your with their problems. So how do you turn this gift into a way of living that can support you?

You become a Life Coach.

You find a good certified program and enroll on this journey with excitement and lots of positive hope. Six months to a year later you have been trained to listen, found your niche and given some basic hints and tips on running your business. You are now out there in the world as a Certified Life Coach…….exciting isn’t it.

The first thing you may notice is that you soon become bombarded with emails coaxing you into another program, usually from the school you trained with or Coaches that are associated with the school. They tell you that you need a ‘more in depth training

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