We all know of or have heard of people who seem able to heal others, sometimes without even touching or seeing them.  It fascinates us but draws out the sceptic as well, because as humans we need proof, we need to SEE how something works before we can truly get behind it.

So How do they do it?

Well it would seem that science is now catching up and some of the answers are being reveled as our understanding of our world and universe grows. The Living Matrix dives right into the Quantum Science behind such phenomenons as distance healing, accupunture & mind-body connection.

The Science of Healing From Our Hearts

Many of us have felt for some time that our medical issues are in our own hands.  With the help of this new information we can move forward with renewed vigor and hope in a world that is not dependant on Drug Companies and toxic medications but with safe, none invasive methods currently deemed ‘Alternative’.

This DVD not only sheds light on what is going on but it does it in a way that is understandable to those of us who are not Quantum Scientists. If you watch this with an Open mind, you will be intrigued at the very least and I am sure it will have you asking for more.

This DVD helps to explain the how!

See you on the Bright Side!

Coach Lin