So how many of you made a resolution this J1?

And how many just a short while later, have already begun to waver in your commitment to this?   Every year we put our selves through this routine and almost all of us will fail.


Firstly I feel it’s because we tend to pick things we think we “should do”, rather than things we want to do and these are often things we don’t like about ourselves.

Like “I must quit smoking” or “I must lose 20 lbs“.

Quite honestly, there is NO way a smoker will actually quit until they are truly ready to quit, same applies to loosing weight.  We need to really want something before it will happen, so making hollow promises to ourselves on January 1st is simply setting ourselves up to fail.

So if we can all agree that new years resolutions actually don’t work, we can move on to what does work.

I gave up making NYR a long time ago. 


Machu Picchu Peru

And since then I have in fact been able to create the life I want, even though I have had to overcome some fairly major obstacles along the way. People call me lucky but I say luck has nothing to do with it; not in the slightest!!

So how did I do it?  

Easy, I stopped making resolutions and started making life plans!

It all starts with knowing what you truly want your life to be. So as a first step, please grab a large piece of paper and a pen (please do this by hand ) and start writing.

You must be precise with the details and allow yourself to dream BIG, this is not the time or place for reservations.

Its not enough to see yourself married in a nice house. You must be specific, to whom are you married, what do they look like, what do they do?  How many kids do you have and what are their ages / names / gender?

Where is your home, what’s it like, does it have a name or a number?  See it in your mind and write it down exactly.

What do you do every day? Do you work, what job do you have? Are you good at it, are you happy going to work?  How much money do you have? Give it a number, no realism here, dream big.

If you have a business, imagine your workspace, what’s there, who else works for you, how many hours do you work, what’s your office like? Decorate it, add furniture, see yourself there.

Do you travel, where?

How often and with whom? See yourself on that beach or walking the wall of china. Let your imagination run wild because one thing is absolutely certain :-


If you don’t dream it, you won’t get it! 

There is very little you need to do right now except keep this concept of your life alive.  Revisit it often, nightly before you sleep is good, or first thing in the morning before you race off to start your day.

The more you re-read this, the more you affirm it as fact!

It will go from a dream,

to a possible,

to a probable,

to a fact!!!

Simply State your intent and let it happen!.

Once you know in your heart what you want, the how will start to come more easily. You will only need be open to the opportunities that come your way; grabbing them and weaving them into your life plan as you go.

You may want to set some goals or objectives to help step you along but I believe these should be fluid and adaptable. The opportunities presented to you may stray you from your path, sometimes taking you in an unexpected direction and that’s OK! Sometimes these ‘left turns’ (as I like to call them) take you where you need to be much quicker than you thought.

Basically if it feels right, go with it and simply make adjustments.

I wish you all much success this year.

Coach Lin 

If you need help with this process please DO contact me.