Life today can be hectic!

Even for the most organised of us, chaos and overwhelm has a tendency to sneak up and take us by surprise.

Stress, caused by a constant pressure to perform or an over burdened life can and does cause all sort of problems; with our relationships, our work and or our health.

Too often this occurs in the form of illness. This could be a temporary set back or come in the form of a more permanent and life threatening problem.

What ever area of our life is first affected by this downwards spiral, it is likely the rest will follow suit. We all know people who have lost a job and a short while later their marriage has broken down, OR people who get a serious illness and later find that their job is no longer and their relationship is in trouble.

We each are the centre of our worlds, when one part is under stress, the rest is effected.

So why do we allow this to happen?

It seems to me, that it is not so much that we allow ourselves to become so overburden but that we do not realise it until it is too late. We are just so busy trying to keep up, to do all that we think we should, that we don’t notice. Add to that the fact that most of us think of Stress in terms of some sort of emotion we can control, rather than the silent killer it actually is; it is then easy to see why it is paid little attention, until it has a firm hold and the damage is seen.

Seeing is believing I guess!

However it is now known that stress causes many sudden deaths and absolutely plays a role in the majority of major illnesses, this is a FACT! So perhaps it is time to accept that we are ALL susceptible to this epidemic and do something about it.

The cure is simple, in most cases.

For many of us, it can be as simple as sitting down and looking closely at our lives and how we spend our time.

I have found that often, time for fun and family is not factored into our lives and we simply grab some quality time IF & WHEN there is a free slot. With just a few adjustments it is often possible to rearrange schedules and work loads to make room for the things we actually want to do. To build fun time into our daily activities and not feel guilty about it or feel we should be doing something more constructive.

Fun time is stress free time!

Not only will this Rest & Recuperation time help to reduce your chance of death or possible illness, it will also make you more productive and engaged when you are working.

Its a win, win situation

The benefit to children of tolerant, happy parents is much greater still. Children flourish in loving families, we all know this. The more quality time we spend with them the better. It helps to bring about confident, well adjusted adults, which can only be a good thing, not just for them but for society. We need to show our children what is important by our own actions and hope that they will see how life is supposed to be enjoyable, not stressful.

If you do not yet know anyone who is suffering from some sort of stress related illness or life crisis, chances are you soon will.

The time to act is now!

Before you too join this ever growing list and if you dont know how, then get help.

It really is that important.