Hi there, Can I ask you a question?


I don’t think we get asked this often, in fact we rarely ask it of ourselves. This got me to thinking about what happiness means and how different it is for each of us. And yet we often assume that another is or isn’t happy based on our own perceptions.

For some happiness would be as simple as having a bed for the night and some warm food, while for others it may take a million dollar home, to make them smile.

The rich man may look at the street person who has just been handed a hot meal and think ‘how miserable to live that way’; while the street person may scoff wholeheartedly at the rich man’s stressed and busy life style.

So what Makes YOU happy? Do you even know?

Seriously think about it, what makes you really feel light hearted and full of joy?

For me it is many things, often simple pleasures like being with my grandson’s, or sitting quietly in my garden with a good book (and a glass of wine). Sometimes it is as simple as a day without pain and others its driving my mini convertible (too fast) on a sunny day.

You see to want happiness is not enough, You need to know what makes you happy before you can bring this into your life.

So this weekend, find yourself a quite moment and ask yourself what makes YOU happy?

Give yourself permission to be open and honest and really dig deep and find the sparks that lay dorment. And when you know the answer, if you feel like sharing, I would love to hear.

Take care and have a fabulous weekend.

Coach Lin